My Moon My Man | by Art Hake

My boyfriend is killing me. He works non-stop, goes out all night, then returns home vegging next to me on the couch, considering late-night TV sessions as “spending time together”. This is no relationship counseling but when I look around, I can only confirm the obvious: relationships are a whole lotta shit to deal with.

Straight friends? Forget it. They don’t communicate, they never say what they think or do what they say and they’re too insane. Complicated, immature & selfish. Imagine that coming from a GiB! What we share with those is the anxiety of commitment; but we deal with that just fine. At least, when we play around we have the decency to assume it. And we don’t mind crowded games.

Gay friends? Diddo. We’re moody and unstable. Plus, our relationships are often based on our “condition” and that shapes our dealing with our BF. Are we out? Are we gonna see each others again? Are we fcuked up from closeted behavior and overexposure to society’s homophobia? We have difficulty finding our soulmate (someone please kill gay social networks), we have issues meeting in public (or at least most of the public spots -knowing not all of us necessarily enjoy flamboyant ghettos) and we are left with a delicate choice of 2 alternatives: be an open couple or an exclusive couple. We know by now that one of those don’t really work, so good luck with the patch work.

Around my couch, I see few single men & women. One girl friend left her BF of 5 years, because of lack of commitment. One GiB friend suffers from CUS (Chronic Undertwenty Syndrome) -they never learn! One other GiB friend has been lonely for so long he’s successfully passed the 24/24 horniness stage. Then another one anxiously awaits seasonal vacations, hoping to binge on European sweets. His diet forbids any local flavors. I also happen to regularly see 2 happy straight couples, but that’s boring, since they make it a point to rub it in your face. And I confirm one successful local normal adorable GiB couple. How swell, they even have a dog!

We all have issues, blah blah blah. My beau and I have been together for a while now, which helps. We screw up but we end up fixing things. Whatever we do, works. At least for us.

In Happy Life, if you have a cute; loving boyfriend, keep it! And before changing others, change yourself. Who’s in for a drink?


  1. great stories, sometimes sad but whats nice is that its true.
    keep it up :)

  2. sadly true
    great blog
    keep it up

  3. AnonymousJuly 16, 2012

    Hey I'm new at this GiB... I'm very curious to know how gay couples meet in Lebanon and all about the gay life here. I'm a gay Lebanese who's still not out yet. I want to but everyone around me is straight I feel like an extinct species. I know you're out there but where?


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