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GiB's been getting a whole lot of reader enquiries along the lines of...

"My boyfriend and I are coming to Beirut for holidays... Do you know of a good, gay-friendly place to stay at?"

Sadly enough, as guys with their own places in Beirut GiB doesn't really know the answer to this question... although we realize it's a question that's critical for visiting GiBs, so we're thinking of a good way to answer it.

We could tell our own experiences like "yeah, I went to the Gray hotel downtown once with two guys I met at the bar, and no one at the door said anything. Same thing happened to a friend of mine at the Commodore, and they didn't seem to mind it. And hey it looks like the Mayflower advertises itself as gay-friendly"

... but is that enough to label a hotel as gay-friendly? Or is it many other little things that make up for a gay-friendly stay? and what about all the alternative / lower-cost options like the bed-and-breakfast, hostels and rental apartments out there, how do we capture those too?

I'm thinking that user-generated content might be a good way to do it. There is nothing better indeed than the own experiences of visiting GiBs, to judge of the gay-friendliness of their stay. The challenge here however would be how do we get our readers to provide their input on GiB after their stay, when they probably don't care anymore? :)

We're also thinking of introducing the "GiB FACTOR", a 10-point scale that would be used to gauge the level of gay-friendliness of a stay.

Generally speaking what is a good way besides the "Comments" section, to get readers to contribute their input in way that is both practical for GiB, and pleasant for them?

GiBs, any thoughts? Your ideas and comments will be extremely valuable here!!! So thank you in advance ;)


  1. i think the "gay-friendly" calibre should be based on the area more so than on the hotel... I can't imagine someone wanting to stay in Burj Hammood, regardless of how progressive the "hotel" is.. you know what i mean?

    from the top of my mind, i think we all unanimously agree that Hamra is THE destination.. so let it be the benchmark for "gay-friendliness"... what say thee?

  2. GiAD, I have to disagree with you on that one. True Hamra is probably among the gay-friendlier areas of Beirut, but by no means does that mean that every Hamra hotel is more gay friendly than any other hotel around Beirut.
    That relates to the hotel's policy and the mentality of everyone there from the front desk clerk to the manager. One look or one comment from the staff could ruin one's stay, and I don't think being in Hamra makes it any less likely to happen...

  3. i actually agree with GIAD! I believe that it would be better if lebanon has a gay strip known as the gay village. As there is one here in Canada. It would be great and motivational for the ones that are afraid in still peaking in the closet

  4. AnonymousJune 06, 2012

    I still think its not safe any where, we r always have to risk it bcz ur day life could be ruined by a phone call to the police or a hidden cam to record ur sex session. Changing rules is the most needed to protect us of curios intruders...


Your thoughts?

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