Mashrou3 Leila Fan Reports from Montreal

I was one of the lucky 800 or so who went to see mashrou' leila’s concert in montreal yesterday. Lucky because it was a fun intimate concert – and a great performance to say the least!!!

A few tweet material from the concert:

The band getting emotional about playing in north america for the first time- huge milestone!
That the concert was in the heart of the gay village here in montreal.
The cool crowd, mostly lebanese expats but with lots of their canadian / lgbt friends in the crowd too – and getting a lot of good local press.
The glimpse at the new album they just finished recording which seems to be a good one (they came specially to montreal to work with a top-notch lebasese producer who’s based here.)
Oreo for everyone and a lot of red bull for a superenergetic and very personal lead singer.
How he talked about how us expats get criticized sometimes when sharing our opinions about lebanon with people back home.
Hamed’s improv mocking Lebanese gossiping in ‘badde latlet’ – quote – “yaaay hayda bya3mel mo2abalet ma3 magazinet bi 2ol fiyyon enno gaaaaayyy”- translate – “yaaay this guy makes interviews in magazine where he says he’s gaaaaayyy”. By the way, loved the last article in tetu!

to the angry part: a lot of us fans were very disappointed about the red hot chili peppers incident last summer and how mashrou' leila canceled their opening set because RHCP were on their way to tel aviv next. We'd hope it was just an incident and not a strong political statement, because mos of us know from living abroad that cultural boycott is not the best solution to use against Israel. Music should unite not divide. And let’s face it, there is no place for extremist ideas like this in north america...

--text, photo from a friend in Montreal

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