GiB#2 | r u c/uc?

Many guys still have me, many lost me at birth, some took me off later on, and some have grown me back; I separate the world’s men into two groups… who am I?

Yep, you’ve guessed it, this one’s about the foreskin. For those with any interest in this little piece of extra skin - or the absence thereof -, here is the factsheet for Lebanon!

Most Lebanese men, at least 75% of us, are circumcised. It’s a common procedure across Lebanon’s hospitals, that is done on baby boys generally at birth.

You don’t have to sleep with a statistically significant sample of Lebanese guys (like we GiBs did) to verify this figure: just run a quick search on the online cruising websites, and you’ll quickly notice that the vast majority of profiles indicate “Cut”.

This high proportion makes sense, given that over half of Lebanon’s population is Muslim, and Muslims practice circumcision routinely. That’s that.

What is more surprising however is the case of the Christians, who comprise somewhere between one-third and one-half of the Lebanese. In fact, the Christians of Lebanon also practice circumcision widely, especially the non-Maronites among them.

Now considering that the vast majority of the world’s Christians do not circumcise their newborns, this makes Lebanon’s Christians one of the most circumcised Christian populations in the world, similar to the Copts in Egypt, another Christian minority living in a Muslim environment.

Another exception is the United States, which today remains the only mostly-Christian country that circumcises infants on a routine basis with no need for medical justification. The figures are much lower, or trending downwards, in the other mostly-Christian and first-world countries.

So it seems that whether or not a newborn Christian boy of the world gets circumcised or not, depends less on specific Christian beliefs, and more on local culture and habit. Under this assumption, Lebanon’s particularity owes more to the long-lasting influence of Judaism and Islam in this part of the world, and less to matters specific to Levantine Christianity.

Now on to the GiB facts.

Digging a little deeper in the online research, you’ll notice how many of the “Cut” GiB profiles also indicate under Fetishes: “Cut”. What’s more, some guys have it listed as their one-and-only Fetish… another way of saying “Cut Only Please!”

Over the years I have noticed that GiBs have not just a slight preference for the cut, which is understandable as it is the norm around here, but rather, that they tend to have quite a strong preference for the cut.

So the minority of uncut guys in Lebanon must cope with this noted GiB preference for the cut. Luckily, this matter remains of secondary importance to a lot of GiBs, who don’t pay it more attention than it deserves.

The awkward part however, is that all-too-many GiBs seem to associate “uncut” with “bad hygiene”. It could be out of experience, or due to the lack of it, but in both cases these GiBs don’t acknowledge that hygiene is a matter of each individual, that it comes with education, and that one can have bad surprises on either side, whether it be with a guy who is cut, or uncut.

Let’s face it, two days without a shower and the uncut gets worse than the cut… but does that justify such an anti-uncut bias among GiBs?

(Photo taken in Paris)


  1. AnonymousJuly 22, 2010

    @ "Let’s face it, two days without a shower and the uncut gets worse than the cut… but does that justify such an anti-uncut bias among GiBs? "

    If you go two days without a shower.. your Ass and your pits and the rest of your body will stink not just your "uncut Penis"
    Its easy- take a shower and stay clean-
    circumcision is like justifying cutting off your hand because you cannot keep it clean-
    how dare parents Mutilate their baby boys in such a barbaric and outdated ritual?
    The body is made a certain way for a reason- pleasure and protection-
    don't be lazy and a slob and simply clean yourself-

  2. I agree with you here!

    I was just playing the devil's advocate with this sensitive tissue.. i mean issue :)))

  3. AnonymousJuly 23, 2010

    I am glad you have common sense and logic !!

  4. Definitely! Bad personal hygiene exists on both sides, whether ur cut or uncut.

    Is it a fact that uncut men have more intense orgasms than cut men, though?

  5. yes, uncut men do have more intense orgasms because their gland is protected by the foreskin, it is highly sensitive to touch and sensation-unlike a circumcised penis which could become numb after time.

  6. Uncut is disgusting and always stinks because uncut produces smegma and traps piss. It smells of stale cheese and ammonia. Everybody knows that. Also uncut spreads diseases like AIDS and other STDS. And who wants a mouthful of foreskin getting in the way when you are sucking cock?

  7. what an obnoxious comment.

    Are you saying 100 million european men always stink?

    Are you implying europe has higher AIDS rates because it doesn't circumcize? try circumcized Africa

  8. AnonymousJune 30, 2015

    circiumcised africa has much lower rates of HIV than uncircumcised africa. the highest HIV rates in the world are in uncircumcised africa. ive been with several uncut men european and american and the uncut ALWAYS STANK.


Your thoughts?

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