Tamara’s Semi-Nude Arab Men

She’ll probably hate it if/when she reads this, but there is something über sexy about Tamara Abdul Hadi’s photos for her "Picture an Arab Man" project.

Beyond waking up my gay man’s wildest fantasies, it also does a good job at what it aims to do: “Breaking down stereotypes” and “highlighting the sensual beauty of the Arab man”.

But if I may ask, why does it have to be the choice of Lebanese models that most challenges the “out-dated form of hyper-masculinity”, with the long hair and the soft eyes?

Akhhh…what I wouldn’t do for Mohamed the Palestinian! I feel like pledging some money just for him :)


  1. Tamara AbdulMarch 23, 2012

    Came across this by chance today :)
    Thanks for the words, whoever you are!

    1. Glad you did Tamara! and (please) keep up the good work!


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