Roy’s Got Toys for Boys

When I wrote Eurotrip Goodie Bag about a year ago and raised the question “Will they ever open a real sex shop in Lebanon?”, I didn’t see it that one coming so soon.

If you ever need of a “G-spot massage wand for men”,
an “Electric Little Ass” or a why not a “Handsome
up penis pump” – you now know where to go!
Enter Roy’s Toys, a new online sex shop serving (discretely) the Lebanese marketplace. With a bunch of dildos and fleshjacks, the product portfolio is still a bit limited for gay guys (where’s the cock rings, the poppers, the porn, the underwear?), but the staff tells me that it’s continually expanding and will soon include BDSM and roleplaying costumes.

Personally I probably won't be a top customer but I consider that this shop is filling an underserved niche that has the right to exist and certainly a lot of opportunity, so I was really glad to find out about it!

Roy’s Toys staff tells me the market is already picking up for them, although they can’t advetize aggressively given the nature of the business...

Oh and another piece of insider info: currently the best-selling product for gay guys is the “G-Spot Stimulator for Men” which “Stimulates the male G-Spot to give you an explosive orgasm”! Sounds exciting (litterally) doesn’t it?


  1. It's for Lebanon, Pennsylvania not Lebanon the country: http://roys-toys.com/aboutus.sc

  2. no daisy that's just used as a gimmick...to stay under the radar.. try it! ;)

  3. C'est un blog merveilleux, mon ami! Félicitations.

  4. merci l'ami! ravi de decouvrir ton blog... tu viens d ou?

  5. So I came here on your last post hoping you'll read my comment :) Big, big fan of yours and I know it might sound freaky, but it all made me eager to meet you! in a platonic way, I am a fan.
    I think we should be Facebook friends.

  6. I wrote a long ass comment but i'm not sure it got across :(

  7. your long ass comment Anonymous (4 lines to be precise) was well received and really appreciated :)
    but if it's just a platonic meeting i m not interested :PPP

  8. Hey guys....check this...http://www.facebook.com/pages/Sex-Toys-Beirut

    1. Can u check the link pls?

    2. AnonymousJune 30, 2016

      Trying to find roys shop online it says "check back soon" I've trying this from 6 months anyone could help plzzzzzz

  9. Where can i find the shop? My friend needs a dildo and she's asking for my help!

  10. I cant access the link. Any phone number for a sex shop?


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