Bring On the Porno Chic

There’s a new party in town called “Porno Chic” – oops scratch that, it’s “P… Chic” to stick with Facebook etiquette – the new label created by two cool dudes from Beirut’s gayfriendly society.

A first installment in Zico House last month, a second one in Argos (Hamra) two weeks later, and a #3 at the Roger Moukarzel studio in Qarantina a couple weeks ago – feedback says they were all kindof fun and started to build a growing pack of regulars.

Terrible quality phone pic
from the Roger Moukarzel party
but… you get the picture.

To stay in line with Facebook lexicon, we’ll say we LIKE the gayfriendliness / diversity / age mix of the crowd; we LIKE the male/shemale dancers in minimal attire (a daring and rare sight for Beirut); we LIKE the choice of music pre & post general drunk status. And we LIKE the choice of locations so far, although still lacking the creativity of Cotton Candy – speaking of which, last Saturday’s at Cinema Estral with Nomi Ruiz was a blast!

But to be fair, let’s also mention we UNLIKE the “open-bar” that runs out of alcohol at 1am; the unavoidable hangover from the cheapest choice of vodka. We UNLIKE promoting so much the drinking part of it like this is a fraternity beer pong, and trying too hard to convey that trash/glam image they seem to have in mind.

Party #4 is coming up this Saturday with a mystery “P…C…” theme. Scratch that. It’s “Pussy Cat”. Will you make it there to find out what the kittens have in store?

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