The Pink Choice

It seems that gay-themed photography is driving huge interest lately. And I’m not just talking of the evergrowing mass of naked guys on tumblr. The phenomenon is actually getting over and beyond the many new works by emerging/alternative artists worldwide, including some from Lebanon I blogged about here, here and here.

Well if it was big last year, this year it’s looking huge for homo photography. And who better than World Press Photo to prove it? Come to think of it, of all the major events that took place during 2012, obviously Syria and Gaza should top the list of winners in the 2013 contest – and they did in fact earn all of the awards under the news photography categories.

But as far as social issues, with all the debate frenzy going on in France and the US right now around same-sex marriage legislation – how could the gay issue not make it as a WPP winner?

Well it sure did.

The 1st prize stories winner under Contemporary Issues for 2013 is… THE PINK CHOICE by Maika Elan, a 27-year old girl photographer from Vietnam. It’s a beautiful series worth checking out – and also interesting to know that in 2013, Vietnam is going to have a debate on same-sex marriage, and if it moves forward it could become the first Asian country to recognize marriage equality.

Gosh now even Vietnam sounds like first-world compared to us...
Three from the Pink Choice series.
from the World Press Photo website


All Ears on Professor Faggot

The guys at 2famous.tv just made a very welcome move for gibs.
Adding to the really cool stories they've been sharing about expat life in Beirut, and to their fresh new look at a Lebanon that we Lebanese too often fail to see, the bunch from Europe just got joined by Professor Faggot, the new (gay) kid on the block.
Finally, there's a foreign and openly gay guy blogging from Lebanon, yes, one with a face pic and all, and even a 'mental' dick pic in his first post!
Looks like he's a funny guy who has wit, candor, and appetite, and wants to tell us all about his new gib life.
A warm welcome to our world mate, as the ad says, trim it, tweak it, pin it, OWN IT!


Oh Guys Next Door

Maybe this is considered addicktion but there is not one guy in Rasha Kahil's new photo series that I would mind seeing more of (in my bedroom).
Looks like man flesh is so trendy lately...!
Anyway check for yourself, she's on at the Running Horse til mid March ;)

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