GiB#2 | Eurotrip Goodie Bag

My friends are finally back from their month-long Eurotrip… True they left out poor GiB#2 behind, however their “Please Welcome Us Back” goodie bag was full of wonders:

- a sexy military-green fishnet thong that looks like it was stolen off a German gay porn movie set – Guys are you serious I should try it on?? Please tell me it's meant as a joke...

- an adorable metal figurine of a Tom of Finland-type hunk with a huge boner, likely hand-painted by some retired gay dude sitting in the boudoir of his sex den, somewhere in this all-gay mediterranean beatchtown.

- last but not least, a bottle of top-notch Jungle Juice LEATHER CLEANER supposedly headache-free and with the mention “Do Not Inhale”. Fine I admit this one is not really a gift since I actually asked for it… you know there’s this stain on my leather jacket…

… Gosh can a goodie bag get any gayer than this?!

It makes me realize yet again how deprived we GiBs are over here …Will they ever open a real sex shop in Lebanon?

(Photo taken on a Beirut balcony)


  1. They sort of started one in the citymall years back then closed it down, it only stayed open for a month.

  2. There has been lots of media coverage of the role of amynitrit in speeding up the outbreak of AIDS from formerly very healthy HIV.
    Please be careful with it. It's proven to be VERY VERY bad for your immune system

  3. I know James that s why I use it VERY VERY occasionnally. this bottle will last for years! but thanks for mentioning this now i feel like I should done so myself! :)

  4. a sex shop at City Mall?? what did they sell?! i bet you it was kinky lingerie at most...

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