GiB#2 | Off the Beaten Track

Summer holidays are right around the corner, but that’s not always good news as far as going out at night.

Indeed when it comes to going out during high season, Beirut's all-year-round partygoers come out worse than spoiled kids.

On these nights the debate quickly shifts away from what to do tonight, to which places to avoid tonight. Suddenly it all seems too crowded, too touristy, too wannabe.

And so it’s a time when we go out less on weekends, more on weekdays, try to think outside the box, get out away more often from Beirut, discover new places, await the occasional house parties, and stay on the lookout for the all-too-rare off-parties.

Judging by the ever-changing listings in TimeOut, Beirut nightlife might be bustling indeed. But the reality is, it would get quite boring if it weren’t for its alternative/underground scene outside the mainstream/commercial spots.

… So as the summer settles down I call on you Power of the (Safer) Underground, please keep us stumbling again on wall posts like this one from a private Beirut rooftop party last summer!

(pics from The  Basement (v1.0), and somewhere in Gemmayze).

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