GiB#2 | It’s Getting Warm in Here

A few weeks ago I put up a post that was sort of an open call for a true gay festival in Beirut. Judging by the parties going on in June, I think we’re getting closer to it every week!

 As one would have expected, Danny Tenaglia’s gig last Saturday was as GiBby as it gets. The crowd was perhaps smaller than usual, but GiB attendance was massive for this exceptional performance of the gay DJ who went on till dawn.

But watch out: Even bigger GiB-oriented events are coming up next.

Supermartxé, the famous label from Spain, is kicking off its summer 2010 world tour in Ibiza on June 18, then flying straight to Beirut where it will throw a potentially huge party at la Marina Dbayeh on June 19. The advertising campaign is now in full motion. The flyers were all over the place last Saturday in Hamra, discrete yet suggestive... let’s hope the gig lives up to its promise!

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