GiB#2 | All Day Sobhiyye with Matinée

It happened. Last Sunday gorgeous Riviera Beach opened up its doors for the long awaited pool party by Matinée. A perfect day in the sun for hundreds of ‘beautiful people’ to wander around the pools showing off those abs (and implants) and dancing all day long to housy tunes by international and local DJs. My hat goes down for the local DJs especially the closing set by Madjam, to the Matinée beach balloons floating in the pool and used as GiB carrier pigeons, and the Matinée logos made of foam passing above our heads. My hat stays on however for the stage ‘performances’, sorry but a well crafted costume alone doesn’t make up for a good show.

The venue was a bit too spread out, and in my mind GiBs and friends don’t need that much 'sectionization' (what’s with the VVVVVVIP thing?!), although it didn’t prevent the party from getting wild at times. With twice as many guys per square meter in the pool and half as many girls at the party, this could have seemed like a Matinée party in Europe... but it doesn’t make it any less amazing for Lebanon! It was great fun indeed.

Kudos to the Ghazal brothers for putting all this together, it was a definite success guys. Hope this is a first of many more to come!

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