Part 1/7 – Let’s Go Get Some Gays!

It’s about 10 pm and it sounds quiet on the Adaab floor of makhfar Hbeich (1). The convicts must be asleep. The voice of a taHarre (2) breaks the silence of the interrogation room, a small room with a minimalist décor done in typical Lebanese Bureaucracy style – an empty desk, two chairs, a rusty file cabinet and no computer. Except it now boasts a camera, supposedly imposed by Human Rights following a morbid scandal of torture interrogations last year:

The entrance to the Hbeich detention center next to AUB
- “Boss we only have one guy in number 2 tonight, Boss. The stinky old Syrian guy. And he’s leaving tomorrow!”

- “Hmm that’s not good… Alright let’s go get some gays, then. We’ll do it as usual, you stand, I hide”, the Boss, a robust family man and former torture interrogator, says with a smile.

- “Yeah of course Boss, I’m the good-looking one around here!”, the young and handsome guy says laughing.

- “Yeah that much is true kid… remember I’m the one with a wife and two kids!”

1- Adaab: the floor dedicated to ‘Mores’ in the infamous Hbeich police detention center next to AUB
2- taHarre: undercover police agent in Lebanon - they dress in civil

(Conversation Fictional).
-- by GiL. Photo by GiB#2

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  1. I really hope GiL could move on from this bad fuckin experience. Maybe writing this, putting it out there and ultimately makin a difference, will help with his healing process.

    This 7-part-piece will be an eye opener to readers. Can't wait for the other 6! Keep up the great work GiL and GiBs!


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