It might seem like ages ago in Beirut standards, but the Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious party two Saturdays ago, is one that’s worth stopping back at for a minute.

When the trendy gadget shop in Saifi commissioned an as-GiBfriendly-as-it-gets bunch of folks, to help it throw a theme party to advertize its brand, the result was simply brilliant. Litterally.

As the colorful, stylish and energetic crowd, quite mixed really but with way-above-average GiB attendance – a crowd that looked similar in some ways, but fresher and healthier than today’s Cotton Candy by an order of magnitude…

…Took over this amazing outdoor venue busting a 180 seaview from the rooftop of an abandoned sugar refinery on the Zalka seafront amidst splashes of artwork, candy and goodies all over the place, with a full-fledged Lomogrpahy photo exhibition featuring some pretty good pieces… and with mandatory glitter for everyone

…Moving to eclectic music by DJ’s Caline, Djette (Leila) and the 5-hour closing set by duo-de-choc Richie and Georges (pictured) playing all kinds of 90’s / 2000’s ear-candy tunes that kept the crowd going and going till the bar went dry, the glitter got sticky, the free water bottles moutain eroded, and the crowd got gibbier…

And then…

I did something I’d never done before ‘in front of everyone’ in Lebanon, not even in a shady corner in Acid. There, out on the dancefloor on this nicest pied-dans-l’eau terrace and surrounded by the cutest things in Beirut...
… I Kissed a Boy.

And I Liked It!

Only that three days, four showers and another one-time-guy later… I still had glitter on.

- Post and photos by GiB#2.


  1. Seriously , you've never kissed a boy before in front of any one ??? O_o , have you ever been to Wolf ? Gay couples are always flirting and kissing in shadows !!!

  2. yup seriously, I never kissed a boy while in a crowd, in Lebanon that is. I know it happens all the time and also more and more inside clubs, maybe soon they'll even come out the shadows!


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