Dress It Up In Light

Just superb. That's the one word I would use to describe the sound & light show of the UFA event/competition, which premiered yesterday and will play again a few times until end of year.

For info, the insurance company brought together a bunch of Lebanese artists who created really cool short clips that were projected on the Downtown building. It used a very high-tech kind of 3D projectors that would tailor the projections to the greatest detail of the heritage building. Each competitor team's artwork came with its own soundtrack and had at least something creative, something impressive or something interesting about it... Long live young Lebanese talents, creativity, and energy!

On the downside this high level of quality makes it hard to choose who I want to vote for... I'll need to bring a better jacket and watch the show again another time (no worries, it's free!). But for now, I thought I'd use some of the low-res pics I took to make this collage - consider this my holiday wishes card! Best wishes to all of you folks.

- Post and pics by GiB#2.


  1. 7284: "Dillusional Black Holes"


  2. Yiiih! I can't believe I just came across this!
    I wrote about the event on my blog!
    "Dilusional Black Holes" has been chosen by the jury by the way, not my personal favortie thought.
    Yalla, I hope they will try 3D Mapping on other buildings ;)

  3. yeah karim maybe bwe were there at the same time!!
    sounds like Ra'fat got it right about the winner! i voted for another one too.
    i heard UFA just went out of business or something so i don't think they ll be the ones doing the next one..


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