Gagaesque Lil’ Monsters

Catching Gaga’s Monster Ball tour might well be one of the five pillars of Gay today. I’m one lucky bastard who got to fulfill that one in 2011. Here's one to you Gaga:

… Because no artist promotes self acceptance, self accomplishment, sexual diversity and tolerance better than you do,

For making us forget in a split second you were 40 minutes late,
For your daring speeches, your amazing costumes, your provocative stances,
For you most gorgeous crotch grabbing dancers,
For the progress you’ve made with your dancing,
For crying spontaneously on stage when you opened your heart to us,
For risking your life climbing up and down crazy structures just for our viewing pleasure,
For pledging your donation to an LGBT charity, reading out loud the letter of a fan,
For swearing you didn’t lip sing not for a single minute through this incredible performance,
For using bad words, for calling us your little monsters,
And for reminding everyone that Jesus is all about love and nothing else.

…Today Gaga, I’m your billionth fan and I fucking love you bitch.
some crazy shit from Gaga's concert. Yalla Lebanon 2012?


  1. OMG YOU SAW HER IN CONCERT? AAH I'm green with envy!!!!

    I can't wait for her Born This Way tour... I'll catch it in the States.

    Nice post btw. SPOT ON!

  2. AnonymousMay 02, 2011

    I want to give you a hug for this post.

  3. you of all people lebagaga?? I would never have thought :)
    hug well recieved girl! we ll do it live sometime :P

  4. Gah I know right?
    It's the biggest disappointment of my life...
    Excuse me while I go cry in a corner


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