On Peeing in Hamra -- by Joplin

You see, I know no better than Hamra. I was born in Hamra. I went to school in Hamra. I went to college in Hamra. I lost my ‘virginity’ in Hamra. I got drunk for the first time ever in Hamra. I applied to grad school in Hamra. And I even pee in Hamra.

Yes, I emptied my bladder in a Hamra pub; not in the gentlemen’s restroom, not in the ladies’ restroom, but in a single WC common to both genders. It stood there all by itself. A sink, a toilet, scarce tissue papers, and one wooden door. Common bathrooms seem to become a recurring pattern in Hamra’s growing pubbing scene – and it’s not just a matter of space or lack thereof.

Mainstreet, the grandest of Hamra’s shy pubs, has two bathrooms, one painted in baby blue and the other in light pink. Yet they both stand unlabelled without a sign for Man or Woman. So thank you Hamra. Thank you for recognizing those who feel unsure about their gender. Thank you for respecting transsexuals. Thank you for recognizing that a male like me feels uncomfortable using the urinal alongside a bunch of other men. Thank you for helping us redefine gender and sexuality.

Post by Joplin; Picture off the Web


  1. I hope they won't put up those signs soon

  2. AnonymousMay 24, 2011

    interesting perspective... but don t you think that if a girl saw you coming out of the PINK restroom she would still give you the angry look even without a Ladies sign?? and for those with just a single restroom, isn't it because of lack of space??

  3. Honestly, I went straight to the pink restroom (intentionally despite my terribly drunken state) and the two ladies waiting for their turn outside gave me no suggestive looks. But yes it is true that many may not like the idea of a penis in a pink restroom; it is only a matter of time before this misconception dissolves though. The gents vs ladies' signs won't be put up anytime obviously or else they would've been there from the start. The pubs attend to the grittiest of details (chair height, table color, logo appeal, waiter's beard, costume colors, menu listings and design...) before they start taking in customers. That said, the growing reportoire of Hamra pubs' regulars will gradually realize that pink does not necessarily implicate vagina. Patience is all it needs really.

    --- Joplin


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