And Then We’ll Call it POSH

Let’s rent a place the size of your living room. Paint it in dark.

How about this to illustrate this post?
"my ass" wandering in Paris.
Now get some bar sponsors. Cheap brands will do the trick.

Ok now let’s get a couple bouncers and a cheesy pop DJ. Oh and remember to ask him to plan for a long stretch of Arabic.

We'll pack a whole lot of gay guys. The crème of GiBs. Five per square meter will work. Nevermind capacity. 20 dollar open bar should do it. Works well elsewhere.

… And then we’ll call it POSH.

Antelias is so happening right now I tell you. This place’s gonna be hot. Acid meets Milk meets my garage, how could it be otherwise?

But NO. Turns out the place’s NOT hot, NOT cool, NOT sexy, NOT Posh. Turns out the place... sucks.

A new gay spot opening up never fails to raise curiosity. People want to try it and often have high expectations, because a new place is supposed to raise the bar, not lower it and just profit from a vacuum in the gay clubbing scene.

… but POSH?! Oh Please.

-- Post, pic by GiB#2.


  1. AnonymousJune 14, 2011

    Your spot on and your very funny..
    I have an idea, I do not live in Lebanon but why don't you and a few friends unite financially as business partners and open up the best gay friendly club yet !

  2. that s like the long time dream of many people! i think it takes the moey but also the guts to do it. i m up for exploring opportunities...id love to be the patrona of my own bar!!! :)

  3. AnonymousJune 20, 2011

    I think you would be great at it from reading your posts ! there's obviously a lack and a need for a good gay club, now that the gay community is more prevalent than ever and especially because Acid has closed down.


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