George Awde’s Lens: a Flair for Lebanese Manliness

I had the chance to catch the exhibition “Le Corps Découvert” at the Institut du Monde Arabe last week while in Paris (goes on till July 15).

The selection of paintings, photos and video insallations gives a very important role to Lebanon in the making of the new art waves in the Arab world both in the past and now. Enough to flatter any Lebanese visitor!
Don’t miss George Awde’s photo series  Quiet Crossings and The Calm Before 
at http://georgeawde.com/. Nicely done, George!

The big names from the Old League of Lebanese artists (Khalil Gibran, Khalil Saleeby, Georges Daoud Corm, Moustafa Farroukh…) are positioned as true precursors of emerging trends and ‘nude’ Arabic art, alongside Egyptian and a few Syrian artists.

The expo also sheds a huge spotlight on the comtemporary Lebanese female art scene: Tamara Abdul Hadi (already a GiB favorite!), Huguette Caland, Mona Trad Dabaji, Lamia Ziade…

But perhaps the best part for me was to see how the art selection depicted Arabic men through their bodies. Muscle, scars. Machoism, feminity. Their sensuality, their beauty; their sexiness. It gets quite steamy at times!


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