GiB#1 | blondie

One way, or another, I'm gonna get ya'!

Or so says Blondie. I for some reason don’t get anything anymore. It used to be simple: limited resources, few cruising spots, creepy Internet chat rooms and rare but eventual direct crushes that lead to new friendships. Otherwise, most of us lived happily (!) in their cocoons.

Now it’s all mixed up! Straight men on Manjam (I mean come on!), wannabe GiBs in Basement, bisexuals everywhere and themed parties where you inevitably bump into old acquaintances who just should not have been there.

Is it possible that we’re actually building a community? And that we are now starting to assume our place in society??

There’s a hell of a way ahead of us.. Beirut is no Soho, or Gayxample but hey, we have so many businesses that rely solely on GiBs and that’s always a great start. Beirut is becoming hetero-friendly lol. Yeah I wish! Seriously though, it’s either that we’re invading society or that we’ve drastically increased our cocoon space over the past few years, including more of each others. I like. But I still don’t get it.

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