GiB#2 | It's Official: We Have Big Ones!

The results are in, kudos to all you guys for making this real!

Lebanon’s men are high up there, among the best endowed in the world. We score an average penis size, in erection, of 16.82 cm, higher than France, Italy, Brazil and Mexico (15 - 16 cm), Germany, Spain England and Israel (13-14 cm), not to mention Korea, India and China (9 - 10 cm). And guess what, among the surveyed countries, we’re only third to Ghana and Congo (17 cm)! But we already knew that…

So clearly immigration countries like the U.S., Canada and Australia (12 – 13 cm) should have brought in less Indians and Chinese, and more people from Africa – although I’m not too sure if this measure of manhood is a part at all of their immigration policy. Considering the high standard deviation of average penis size in these countries, it is obvious that these countries would fare much better without the recent waves of immigrants from Asia weighing in. For if you ever get to experience the WASPs in the U.S. (White Anglo-Saxon Protestants, who descend from the British and Irish) and the Québecois in Canada (who descend from the French), I assure you that you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

I haven’t looked at the details of the study, but I believe it is based on data collected during patient visits to their urologist. But why would I want to check anyway, since we’re winners? In the case of Lebanon, the data is based on research conducted at the Rafik Hariri University Hospital. Now, if I ever learn that their sample data was from their own patients, and not representative of the total population, then I’m moving out to Bir Hasan. Anyhow, I hope these results won’t embarass any of our fellow GiB readers. And if this can be of any relief to you (or maybe even soothe you curiosity), last time I checked I made it just a tick above GiB average ;)


  1. coming to beirut and check out for myself ;p

  2. Third to Ghana and Congo?!

    Dude, we're huge!

  3. Looks like Lebanon is 5th - not 3rd. Colombia and Venezuela are after Ghana and Congo. But damn! Top 5 is still pretty good. Add that to the list of why I need to pay Lebanon a visit


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