GiB#2| BEYROUTH :: YOU ARE INCREDIBLE :: I LOVE YOU -- Ferry Corsten 11/21/09

Ferry Corsten set the Forum de Beyrouth on fire last Saturday, with a 5-hour set that took the crowd way high (where it likes to be). Whether it’s MixFM or NRJ that does a better job at producing live gigs in Lebanon is a debatable issue, but this time the tandem NRJ / Poliakov (the vodka newcomer) certainly did not go cheap on the setting, with amazing light effects, laser show, stage, and sound. The crowd was perhaps a bit younger than usual, but this still showed to be the kind of place where you'll see two guys (or girls) kissing and dancing like there's no tomorrow (and no one around), or giving each others a 4am pit stop massage (for the straight version of it). And the usual GiBs certainly did not miss the rendezvous, dancing close in tight groups of friends, bare-chested and sweaty as of 2AM - you really couldn’t miss them!

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