GiB#2 | Summer’s Gonna be Hot

It was time for a good night dancing, and all I had to do was choose from the multitude of DJs gigs going on that weekend and the following one. Big names playing in town both weekends, and even bigger ones announced for April. It’s still only March but the cadence looks already like June!

So it was the Cosmic Gate & John 00 Fleming gig at Forum de Beyrouth last Saturday. Another success by NRJ/Poliakov, although the music was not my favorite, and the crowd not the hottest.

It seems like yesterday when we were offered our first true “laser show” experience at an event in Beirut. But today, it looks as though it has become standard for a Beirut gig of this scale, to boast incredible lighting, laser show, sound system, VJ’ing, not to count the dancers, fire blowers, and other aliens marching in the crowd – all by keeping the entrance around 40$.

If this is not just a temporary Spring revival and it keeps going the same way till summer, it’s about to get really, really hot around here…

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