GiB#2 | Party Treats

Unless one really doesn’t want to see it, the drugs are all over the place in Beirut and this also holds true in the GiB community. Lebanon’s rehab centers and anti-drug NGOs are being kept quite busy (photo of Skoun’s latest brochure).

How could it be any different when the drugs are constantly grown and smuggled into and out of the Beqaa valley, en route to and from Europe and the world, all under political inaction, not to say political cover?

Yes, they’ll set on fire some of the fields each year; they’ll occasionally arrest a few low- or mid-level dealers; shut down the local ecstasy lab, but no, people are never left sniffing Xanax lines in Lebanon as they are in Dubai.

Blame it on the war, on the hippies or on the country’s decadence as a whole, but it’s been the same status-quo for decades if not centuries. So who knows, they might well review the legislation one day! (photo taken in California).

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