GiB#2 | Oh Jimmy Come On

Lebanon’s “first male stripper” got himself some quality airtime last winter.

In this funny article from the Jerusalem Post (!), this hot Lebanese hunk who goes by the name of Jimmy, self-proclaimed himself the first professional male stripper in Lebanon. Perhaps rightly so, as Jimmy seems to emphasize what he means by ‘professional’: a fully-booked schedule, an outfit for every occasion, a pair of handcuffs, and a kick-ass rate that dwarfs his day job’s as a personal trainer.
As far as us GiBs, here’s what PT Jimmy had to say: "Lots of gay men ask me to strip for them but I only strip for women." "I don't dance alone and I only dance with girls.” "I don't want to be people’s bitch." "I do this for fun and extra money, so I have my rules and I want to be seen as respectable."

So Jimmy doesn’t do boys? Not that it matters so much – you can probably score a male-for-male stripper on Manjam in no time. But I doubt that Jimmy is telling the truth, because it’s his number that my GiB friend was given out once when he was shopping around for a male stripper for his (male) friend’s bachelor party.

Jimmy says he charges $500 for 20 to 30 minutes and that he plans to raise the rate to $750 this summer.

Any GiBs out there willing to outbid Jimmy with that killer-offer-he-can’t-refuse? Oh come on now Jimmy. I know you can do it.

[For Jimmy’s contact, contact the GiBs!]

(Photo from linked article)

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