GiB#2 | Two Summers This Year

It should come as no surprise that the summer cadence of the DJ events started as early as May this year.

If two big-name DJs, Carl Cox and Tiesto, are playing in Beirut on the same night (tomorrow, Saturday July 3rd), it’s not just because the producing companies Crystal and Mix FM are in one hell of a dog fight. Everyone knows the times of the massive events that draw 15,000 people are gone, but although they’ve been much smaller lately, their cadence has gone way up.

The reality is, this year the producers have been trying to get as much done as possible before the month of Ramadan kicks in. Ramadan this year is from August 11 to September 9, and from what I can recall from previous years, nightlife tends to slow down a lot during that month. This will leave time, however, for another mini-summer in September to catch up on August… if we’re not completely broke and exhausted by then, that is.

(Photo taken on the Corniche)

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