GiB#2 | Way to Go Argentina!

This is already old news by now but I had to put it down.

It’s a small change in the text of a Constitution to replace the phrase “a man and a woman” with “the two contractors”… but it’s a huge change it brings for the LGBT community, and for society as a whole.

Argentina became on July 16, 2010 the first country across South and Central America to legalize same-sex marriage, following the steps of a few other forward-thinking countries in the world (and a few U.S. states). Two weeks later, the first Argentinean couple (aged 54 and 65) sealed their love in front of the mayor.

This sets a great example for Lebanon. While Argentina is probably not as diverse and complex in terms of religions as Lebanon, it is still very much a religious and conservative country… and yet this didn’t prevent the vote to go against the will of the conservatives (Catholics). It’s the more-tolerant majority that got the last word.

This kind of victory of democracy and tolerance against prejudice and taboo, is one that every society, including the Lebanese, deserves.

But let’s stay realistic here, and admit that we’re ages behind Argentina. We don’t even have the basis for same-sex marriage… So let’s shoot for civil marriage for the time being!

(Incredibly amazing artwork by… me)


  1. It's mostly a Catholic country so this is a very good news for all of us.

    The Pope must be going crazy.

  2. haha...great art work! It really is a most incredible day..for everyone.

  3. When Argentina legalized the gay marriage, everyone started getting married!
    Near my apartment rental Buenos Aires I saw many couples enjoying their time together!

  4. hahah Monica the view from your apartment sounds fantastic! :))
    great website you're pointing.. not only i ve been dying to go to buenos aires, i also think these short term rentals are the best!


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