GiB#3 | The Genesis of Paranoia

Let me share my new thought which lightbulbed last night in my head.

So, not so long ago, I was questioning myself: when do you draw the line between "instinct" and "paranoia", ok? But then I discovered something interesting - and this is all of course the birth of some series of unfortunate dating events.

Our instincts are never wrong. They seem to be true and strong to us once they agree with our desires. The moment our instincts warn us from our desires, we quickly bury them six-feet under.

In a short period of time, those seeds, buried in the soil of disbelief, will quiver for life, just as our hearts quiver with fear, and voilà: paranoia is born and it sprouts out to be fed by the sun of disillusion.

If your instincts and desires are intersecting, then that's la vie en rose bilmshabra7. If you feel one hint of parallelism, then be on guard and sing to the Elephants avec Rachel Yamagata.

(Picture off the Web)


  1. aha yeah ra'fat i agree. will pass it along to b :)

  2. hehe, i think i already did. but don't let that stop you..

    while you're at at, links to frolic to..

    oh, and yea..update the blog more often.

  3. LOVE IT! I've been listening to it for a while but the video is even more amazing!

    and yes I know I've been lazy with the blog.it's just that it's been busy at work AND outside it.but no worries GiB is still up! :)

  4. i thank you for your support, people.
    more to come soon. wa3ed :-D
    I'm going through an emotionally charged experience now, so a lot of literal vomiting will be shared soon :-D

  5. Instinct: When you get that feeling that something is not right or when you pick up on some vibes a person is sending.

    Paranoia: When you throw your tea in the air and run, while silently screaming in your head, because suddenly the power went out and you think you're being hunted by vampire, zombie, ghost, evil, cthulhu* things.

    *If you value your life and reason don't google this.

    This silly comment was brought to you by a bored Kuwaiti.

  6. aha. seems the torment never ends! i bet it's you again gib#3 :)


Your thoughts?

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