Not a homegrown cruising website for Arabs, I guess we’re doing ok with the manjams of the world . Rather, the new forum AHWAA describes itself as a ‘safe place to debate LGBTQ related issues in the Middle East’.

I checked out some forum posts and it does seem like a good place to share stories or seek support from new friends (at least virtual).

There are many middle eastern countries represented in “Mideast Youth”, the team behind this commendable highly needed platform. But a flagrant absence of Lebanese youth behind the effort, perhaps because we feel less repressed? Let’s see how it picks up over here.

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  1. My new Podcast includes a tribute to Helem Paris and the LGBT community in Lebanon plus an amazing homo-erotic Arabic song by Mashrou' Leila+'Fetish Systems' book review. Download at http://radio4all.net/index.php/program/51214
    Ramzi Salti, Ph.D.
    Stanford University


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