I heart Beirut

Speaking of Beirut nostalgia... do you remember
these old posters?

Beirut I love you (I love you not): a TV/Web series well worth checking out. In the same spirit but perhaps not the same quality of script or filming as Shankaboot, but very good, creative work -- a nice dive into Beirut of the street, modest picturesque Beirut, graffiti Beirut, Beirut of the old meets new slash east meets west, girls boys and jewish moms, should I leave or should I stay, the Beirut of Soap Kills and Mashrou3 Leila… of all of us Tareks and Yasmines.

The 12 episodes are all online on youtube for your viewing pleasure. Still, my personal favorite has to be the short film that initiated this short series idea for OrangeDog Prods. It was the 10-minute cute couple’s love parade on Amelie music by Yann Tiersen. I remember my eyes getting all wet and feeling like “It sounds good to be straight!” and “I wanna fall in love again!”

-- by LeGiBiT


  1. is it only 12 episodes?? or do you know if they have another season? because that would be sad, the beirut i love you 10 min clip also brought tears to my eyes, being a homesick lebanese abroad :)
    I also think that the episodes are really short. And the fact that they're not in HD greatly reduces our viewing pleasure, especially that we watch those clips to see lebanon too

  2. I watched a couple of their episodes and they aren't so bad.

    P.S. I have the blue poster.


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