Thank you Mika, You Made Us Proud of You!

He had to spend 5 years under the spotlight, live through the incredible success of Life in Cartoon Motion (2007), a Brit Award and a Grammy Award nomination, through a second album  (The Boy Who Knew Too Much, 2009), – all while being constantly questioned, sometimes even harassed by the media about his sexual orientation.

“Call me bisexual” is the middleground Mika set for for the most part of his early career, in an effort to tame down the growing pressure from the media which remained unsatisfied with the ambiguity. Such was the strategy he seemed to be taking as of 2009 starting with an interview in Netherlands' gay magazine “Gay&Night".

But now things have changed, and Mika is finally OUT. Openly gay.

Only a few weeks before the launch of his third album (The Origin of Love, coming Sept. 2012), he finally said it loud and clear in this interview with America’s Instinct Magazine:

“If you ask me am I gay, I say yeah. Are these songs about my relationship with a man? I say yeah. And it’s only through my music that I’ve found the strength to come to terms with my sexuality beyond the context of just my lyrics. This is my real life.”

What a relief for all his gay fans who secretly knew it all along! and this is particularly true for the Lebanese fans among us, cause we now have an international icon of Lebanese origin who's out and about and that we can be proud of!

      Watch Mika dedicate his song Origin of Love to “the man I love” (@min 01:18)... Touching indeed!

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