Meet Lebanon’s Own Depot

Anyone who’s been to Paris has probably heard of, considered going or has actually been to Le Depot.

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Allegedly the largest cruising club in Europe and certainly in France, there is no way around this landmark on the capital’s sex map. It’s affiliated to another major landmark, this one in the world of gay saunas: the infamous Sun City.

Le Depot is so trashy it makes you feel like a rat crawling in the catacombs of Paris. When you’re there in the maze you know you’re playing side by side with the filthiest and the riskiest of Paris’ gay scene. It’s the ultimate place for be-yourself libertarianism and promiscuous sex. A place that makes you cum four times in two hours and lose count of how many dicks and mouths went into play. And yet I must say I’ve had some of my best sex ever in this place. Some memorably gorgeous guys, some of the hottest dicks, crazy fantasy situations and the most unlikely sex positions.

Now Beirut has a Depot to call its own. The weekly afterhours party by TAG events just moved to a new place in Monot, it’s Fridays and it’s free. The party seems to put forth its rainbow colors, so it should be a good alternative to lame Ghost Bar on late nights. I know it’s not a darkroom because its door would be stamped with red wax by now, but I hope it holds up to the promise of being sexy and hot.

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