Go Censor This, Big Brother

Been missing watching a good gay movie. Don’t get me wrong I don’t mean porn, I’m talking quality gay themed movies from worldwide cinema, a good Spanish drama, a hilarious British comedy, an insightful Canadian documentary, a Holy Wood thriller … or a romantic Israeli flick for that matter.

Granted, a lot of LGBT movies out there are crap – but some of them are gems.

They’re not always erotic, mostly inoffensive, sometimes even rated PG-13, and yet we won’t be able to get them in Lebanon any time soon. At least not at the Virgin megastore next door, the new 16-screen cinema megacomplex around, or the next pirated DVD seller in Da7ye.

Anyone who still watches movies on Lebanese TV stations will have noticed, that the way our censor gurus have been acting lately is just unacceptable. Slicing and dicing movie scenes to the extent they do, on the basis of both visual and verbal content, is way too 20th century to be acceptable to any educated citizen today. Hopefully some minister in the next government will have the courage to topple this censorship bureau once and for all.

But as 21st Century citizens, how can we accept the censorship of a cultural item on the mere basis that it features a gay couple or touches on gay issues?

Well we don’t.

Whether they like it or not, we will get to watch those movies. For Technology Is On Our Side.

We will get them anywhere from international shipping via Amazon to Internet streaming on Netflix… and all the way down to the shady Russian gay torrents online.

With 3G Internet around the corner, with the new maritime Internet cables we’re hooking up to, soon enough our Internet plans will become Unlimited and Uncontrollable. Same thing with online shooping picking up.

Now go censor this Big Brother:

Open up every one of our packages at the customs. We’ll re-order it out.

Strip search our luggage at the airport. We'll hide it out.

Watch each one of our bits and bytes. We’ll figure it out.

Block the torrents and streams. We’ll mirror it out.

Then keep trying to “educate” us. And we sure will kick you out!

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  1. You're totally right ! Everyone keeps saying that Lebanon is very open-minded because it is the only Arab country that released Brokeback Mountain both on the big screen and DVD with "only" a two-minute censoring . How about that ? That scene they removed wasn't the bare-it-all sexual intercourse between Jack & Lureen , or Ennis & Alma ; but THE most important scene of all , the one that showed just how Ennis & Jack's emotions got the best of them in the first tent scene . Personally , I think that they better not release the movie , instead of showing their version of it . Much love , keep up the great work ♥

  2. having an R.E.S.P.E.C.T. moment aren't we..


  3. yeah Raafat, showing these people my greatest form of D.I.S.R.E.S.P.E.C.T

    Right on Rita, at the time they were playing Brokeback Mountain in Lebanon I was abroad, and when I talked to a friend of mine who saw it at the movies, he didn't even understand there was a love affair between Ennis and Jack! They totally ruined the plot with those "two minutes"!!!

  4. AnonymousJune 18, 2011

    Hey you don't have Priscilla Queen of the Desert?
    Great movie! Wish the best of luck to u. I hope ur pioneering in Beirut brings forth more enlightenment, no more boundaries, no more racism etc...
    One world, One love, ONE
    Much love

  5. hahah u sound so bob sinclair!!
    no i haven t seen the movie but i m adding it to my list now! thanks!

  6. AnonymousJune 20, 2011

    No worries! Great Aussie movie!
    i LOVE Bob Sinclair!
    Can i ask you, whats it like being gay in Leb?

  7. also "Boat Trip" you will feel more comfortable too

  8. Wilde and I love you phillip morris are my favorites. Look up Velvet Goldmine and Beginners when you get a chance :) You won't regret it. I torrent and download everything ;) No one can censor us.


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